Alzheimer’s is a disease that brings sadness and loneliness because of its hollowness, but embracing each moment together is important when spending time with Alzheimer’s patients, like anyone else in your life. 
Just like Kinako the cat does with the old man, Jiji.

My grandfather, Jiji, suddenly got hospitalised and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He gradually began to smile less, seem a little sad and from time to time shut himself from the world. That is when Kinako the cat entered his life.

One day Jiji wandered into my room and found the cat. I first kept it in my room and didn’t tell anyone about it. His eyes shined with gigantic happiness and this motivated me to start documenting the two.



2019年9月27日 at 4:16 PM

Good Morning, just a short note to say that these pictures made my day and my heart so happy – thank you for sharing

Love Sandy

Samantha Schroder
2020年3月29日 at 6:32 PM

What an amazing set of photographs documenting your Grandfather’s and Jiji’s relationship. I am so glad that he could find comfort in Jiji, as Alzheimer’s is such a difficult disease to deal with for the family. I particularly love the photo of Jiji sitting on your Grandfather’s lap. There is so much love and happiness in there. All the best with your future projects – Sam

2020年8月20日 at 9:51 AM

What a beautiful friendship! ❤️ You’re featured on, btw.

2021年3月18日 at 3:07 PM

You pictures tell it all. Such a wonderful relationship.

Ertan Eroğlu
2022年6月20日 at 9:40 PM

Great photos, they are so cute together. Thank you for made my day. Greetings and love from Turkey

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